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Agent: Rachel Hoy, Auction Professional

Rachel Hoy is a farm real estate and auction specialist at DreamDirt. You can reach out to her to learn more about selling land or farm equipment.

The Perfect Farmland Auction in 5 Steps

By Rachel Hoy, Auction Professional | Published May 06, 2020

Everything a seller wants - an easy, safe, and effective land auction!

Picture this: You send me a message about selling your farm and want to get it sold as soon as possible. We agree to an[...]

8 Things Real Estate Agents Can Do to Help You Buy Your Dream Land

By Rachel Hoy, Auction Professional | Published October 18, 2019

Why you should have an agent represent you as a farmland buyer

Whether you have been saving up to invest in farmland, looking to complete a 1031 exchange, or just want to buy your dream land, real[...]

A Short Video on Farm Tenant Termination Notices in Iowa and a Recap of Land Auction Results

By Rachel Hoy, Auction Professional | Published August 30, 2019

We had a busy week at DreamDirt this week!  We held our monthly Land Seller Seminar in our Mason City office and the next day we sold 2 farms at Wall Lake, Iowa by auction and on Thursday we held[...]