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DreamDirt Wins Top Marketing Awards in National Contest

By Jason Smith, CAI Auctioneer | Land Broker | Published May 26, 2016

Contact: Jason Smith, CAI (712)592-8965

Tom Bradley (515)202-7687

Mondamin, Iowa - May 26, 2016 - Each year the National Auctioneers Association in partnership with USA Today Newspaper hosts a marketing contest for auctioneers nationwide to compete against each other for 1st and 2nd place in 5 categories and sub catagories that include Postcards, Brochures & Catalogs, Newspaper/Magazine/Print, Public Relations & Marketing and Digital/Social Media.   This year there were 880 total entries from across the entire nation.  All award recipients in the 2016 contest will be formally recognized during the NAA Marketing Competition Awards Reception in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the 67th International Auctioneers Conference and Show, July 19-23. Recipients will be presented with their awards at that time.

According to the National Auctioneers Association "The task of determining winners was given to a panel of marketing and advertising professionals, all of which have backgrounds in branding, promotion, media, public relations and graphic design. Judging criteria included considerations such as creativity, message, ad effectiveness, clarity and visual appeal."

In 2015 DreamDirt won multiple national awards in the contest including #1 Auction Company Website and #1 Ag Machinery & Equipment Salebill.  "We came into the 2016 NAA Marketing Contest with the goal of improving our video advertising products to a level that was unmatched in the industry.  We wanted a win in the Auction Promotional video column.  Video is a tool we use often and we want to ensure we are providing the absolute best for our clients and a properly produced video is part of that"  said Jason Smith, CAI who is the Real Estate Broker and and Principal Auctioneer at DreamDirt.   The determination paid off for DreamDirt in 2016.  Not only did they win 1st place for Auction Promotional Video but they also won 2nd Place as well!  Smith says "we put a lot of effort, human and financial resources into our video production last year and it paid off, we achieved exactly what we were after with these awards"

DreamDirt is the only auction company in Iowa that employs the use of high definition drone aerial videography, professional voice over artists along with on screen text and motion graphics for the sale of farmland.  Smith says "when it comes to spotlighting a clients farmland asset for sale they get one chance to make the right impression with buyers and buyers love the videos, it helps them see the farm from a perspective they couldn't without the video footage shot over head"  DreamDirt's use of a full HD footage from a commercial drone makes an impressive difference when you look at other videos shot from GoPro cameras and smaller recreational drones which provide a very distorted wide angle which lacks much clarity and often provides a much more shaky image.  According to Tom Bradley, Auctioneer at DreamDirt "Just making a video to promote an auction isn't enough.  When you combine these high quality produced videos with DreamDirt's social media and digital advertising prowess you've got a winning combination that just plain gets more and wider exposure"  DreamDirt uses videos in several different ways which includes digital distribution via ads, social media, email and on the property listing on, they even play at the auction event.  "In 2015 we produced a video for a 2 tract farmland auction that accumulated over 120,000 views on Facebook in just 10 days, it was pretty wild watching the view counts climb so quickly and it made a difference on auction day"  said Bradley.  DreamDirt targets videos to specific demographics likely to be interested in the purchase of farmland including known investors, institutions, high net worth individuals and high salary earners that may find land to be an attractive investment even if they have never considered it.

Here are the winning auction promotion videos

1st Place 2016 National Auctioneers Association Auction Promotional Video by DreamDirt

2nd Place 2016 National Auctioneers Association Auction Promotional Video by DreamDirt

Auction promotion videos was not the only win for DreamDirt in 2016.  DreamDirt also took 1st place in the Ag Machinery & Equipment sale bill as well again this year.  The salebill submitted for consideration in the contest took first place in this very popular category.  "Having the #1 Ag Equipment Auction Salebill 2 years running is a pretty proud moment and this particular auction was one of the most successful equipment auction's we've ever done" says Auctioneer Tom Bradley.  Bradley was the auctioneer that had booked this auction and coordinated the photography, design and distribution of the nations top Ag Equipment salebill.  The salebill submitted was for the Alan and Vicki See Equipment Auction which we conducted on Feb 20th 2016 producing some of the highest comparable prices for similar machinery.  Smith says "good advertising brings buyers, they notice it, they pay attention and most important we believe they take action.  Obviously if they don't know about the auction they can't bid.  Its our job to put buyers in front of our sellers equipment otherwise we've not done our job.  Tom did a great job putting this together, its simple and appealing.  I know the sellers were very enthusiastic about the job Tom did with their auction."  You can click on the photos to enlarge them.  Here is the nations top Ag Equipment Salebill for 2016.

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