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Week 11 2018 Iowa Farmland Auction Results | Iowa Farmland Prices

By Jason Smith, CAI Auctioneer | Land Broker | Published March 21, 2018

Iowa Farmland Auction Results

March 11-17, 2018 80% Tillable Farms

Farmland Sales Summary

It was a slow week in Iowa farmland auctions last week.  There are only 3 auctions with 7 tracts to report on this week but the prices fell in line with previous weeks farmland prices.  The near future looks slow as well, the volume of farmland sales are very low right now and a perfect time for a seller to consider putting their farm on the market.  For neighborhoods that have not experienced multiple sales close together, the outlook is very good right now.  When you have a week with fewer than 5 auctions in 99 counties its easy to see the demand is building.

Average Price of Farmland in Iowa

Last weeks averages price per acre of farmland in Iowa was $7444.30 and this week it was $8691.71. The DreamDirt statewide average is currently calculated at $7808 for the year of 2018.  The average price per CSR2 point for the week was $107.58 and we see an increasing trendline for dollars per CSR2 point right now as well as the price per acre so far this year.

Farmland Sales Volume in Iowa

If you look at this week's charts below you will see our sales volume for farmland in Iowa is decreasing for 2018, not a surprising detail as January and February are typically busier months and as we move toward planting season we expect to see auctions taper off through the planting season and then gain momentum later in June or July.  This week we are reporting on only 744 acres which is the lowest volume week of the year so far and our first week under 1000 acres of 80% tillable farmland.

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Iowa Farmland Auctions Report For March 11-17 2018



County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable CSR2 $per Tillable CSR2 Total Price %Tillable
Benton 98 92 $12,192.00 96.6 $126.21 $1,121,664.00 93.88
Jasper 80 76.74 $10,700.00 86 $124.42 $821,118.00 95.93
Jasper 72 68.41 $10,600.00 87.6 $121.00 $725,146.00 95.01
Jasper 49.67 47.71 $5,700.00 68.6 $83.09 $271,947.00 96.05
Jasper 110.1 106.94 $6,850.00 81 $84.57 $732,539.00 97.13
Jasper 110.4 106.94 $7,000.00 75.4 $92.84 $748,580.00 96.87
Guthrie 224 202.81 $7,800.00 64.5 $120.93 $1,581,918.00 90.54
Average $8,691.71 79.96 $107.58 94.27
Total 744.17 701.55 $6,002,912.00



Featured Iowa Farmland Auction

This 47.66 acres in Clarke County Iowa is located at Osceola Iowa and right in the path of development.  With new housing being built immediately south of the property, several new industries to the east and Lakeside Casino immediately to the west it's easy to see why this farm represents investment potential not typical of all farmland purchases.  A strategy to buy and hold or buy and develop can apply here.  This farm really is a gem and its being offered by DreamDirt with an ONLINE ONLY auction.  All bidding will occur on our website or our smartphone app.  You can learn more about it here Clarke County Iowa Farmland Auction  or contact the auctioneer Tom Bradley at 515-202-7687

Farmland appraisers in Iowa

Ensuring good results for your good quality Iowa farm real estate today really means that your exposure needs to be very thorough and across all channels of communication to ensure as much competition as possible for the farm.  If you are thinking of selling a farm DreamDirt can help you find the top of the market on your farm. There are many considerations before selling a farm and we can help guide you through the process.  You’ll find that our system is very simple for you and capable of reaching the right people very fast.  We know you’ll have many questions but let us help you put your mind at ease. You can contact me directly Iowa farmland Auctioneers Jason Smith, CAI 712-592-8965 and Tom Bradley 515-202-7687 or send me a request to help you value your farm and learn more about selling Iowa farm real estate.  Get a Free Farmland Market Analysis

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